5 Interesting Facts about Java Language Told by Experts

5 Interesting Facts about Java Language Told by Experts

Java is the most popular and oldest programming language. It was released on 23rd of May 1995 by James Gosling and his team. There are many reasons behind the popularity of this programming language. Firstly this language is similar to operate on different hardware and operating systems. It has a unique probability. It is one of the most simple, protected and vigorous language. It is easily readable and forthright. After C Java is considered as the second most popular and all-time favorite language. There are almost more than nine million Java developers in the world. Told by experts of dissertation writing services, it is dynamic and it has two types; Java reflections and Java instrumentations.

Java reflections enable the programmers to visit the private variable of a class and Java instrumentations let the programmers to amend previously compiled classes which become very helpful if programmer decides to change the code at run time. This language is downloaded by the users more than a billion times per year. The demand of Java and Java developer is very much high in market and every year the number of vacancies announced and job offered for Java programmers is increasing. Java is not just a language it has many stages or platforms.

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Some of its platforms are Java Standard Edition, Java Enterprise Edition, Java Micro Edition, Java FX and many more. Although this language is very much popular still many programmers are not aware of the some hidden facts about Java language. This article will reveal the five most interesting facts about Java that many programmers and developers probably don’t know before.

  • When James Gosling was working at Sun Lab, he was working on a set top box which involves cleaning of C++. James Gosling and his team end up with a new language and they named it Oak. Oak was the initial and original Name of Java. It was named oak because James Gosling has an oak tree outside his office window. But when marketing department finds out that there is a computer company registered with the same name they decided to change the name from Oak to Java. Java was named after the name of Café where the team of Java developers use o visit for coffee and discussion.
  • The mascot of Java known as The Duke was generated by Joe Palrang. Joe Palrang is also famous for his work on Shrek- the Blockbuster movie of Hollywood.
  • You will be shocked to know that one of the most famous video game of all the time minecraft was written by Notch in Java. Java is present in more than three billion cell phones one hundred and twenty five million TV, desktops, Hadoop clouds and Blu-Ray player.

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  • In Java, the word final has many meanings. For example, final method means that you cannot override the method. When you use the word final class it means you cannot extend the class. The word final field means having a constant field. In Java language, final variable refers to the variable that cannot be adjusted after assignment.
  • As compare to other newly introduced programming languages Java contains many punctuation (brackets and semicolons), while many other languages do not contain any of these punctuations. Most of the experts think that punctuation in Java makes it difficult programming language.