How to Learn English with These Most Effective Ways?

How to Learn English with These Most Effective Ways?

Learning is itself an innovative process that you can mold it into the way that you like and feel comfortable with. For many individuals learning a second language is a very challenging task. When many students who are not from countries with official language English decide to take admission in foreign countries for higher education face difficulty in learning English and find it difficult to learn. At first it seems difficult to learn any language but as you start getting it you explore many effective ways for learning it. Similarly English can also be learned in many ways. But the two basic ways of learning it are input method (listening and reading) and out method (speaking and writing). For having a perfect output (perfect communication) you need to have a quality input (perfect understanding).  The most effective ways for having the command over the English Language learning are described below by a dissertation help firm;


First of all you need to read a lot. This means that you must have quality material as input. When you will read more you will have more to write. Reading increases your vocabulary. You must set a word limit for everyday learning. When reading the books underline and highlight the words you read for the first time or find them difficult to pronounce or understand. Note these highlighted words in a separate notebook. Search for their meaning and pronunciation in a dictionary and keep revising them on a regular period.

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Another important task you have to do while reading is concentrating on the structure of the sentence. Focus on the use of verbs and adverbs. Don’t try to learn individual words only. Practice reading phrases instead of single words. It is difficult to memorize single words as compared to the phrases. Remembering the meaning of a single word is difficult as compared to understanding its meaning in a sentence. You must read the good books. These books can be on any topic. For example if you like sports then you must read books on sports. Your interest in sports will motivate you to read that book if you do not understand properly. But you will keep reading and try to understand it because of your thirst for sports knowledge.


Although reading increases the vocabulary, the words you listen to remain in your memory for longer. Try to listen to as many words as you can and focus on the way they are used in sentences and how they are pronounced. The more you listen better you will be able to use it. The best option is listening to the radio. Because when you will hear the audio only you will be more attentive towards it. Books help in learning vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure but listening helps more in making conversations. The actual learning of a language is through listening. When you will start listening more, more and more words stick with your mind even without your efforts for memorizing them.

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Set a target for writing the maximum number of words per day.  And keep increasing these words more than the previous day.  When you will write you are going to reuse the words that you have listened to. And unintentionally you will try to use them in the same manner you have listened to them. This will increase the accuracy.


When reading something read it aloud. This practice will bring perfection. When you read aloud your pronunciation and grammar gets better.

Some Pro Tips:

Don’t try to learn all the words at the same time. Your learning should be quality learning. It should not depend on the quantity of learning. Despite learning tons of words at a time, you must learn one word at a time and repeat it until it becomes part of your normal conversation. This will not only save you from loads of information but will also save you from rubbish. And you will keep remembering these words as well. Try to learn through short stories. These short stories told in different tenses are the best way to learn English. They will help you to improve grammar and tenses without even much effort.

Read the English newspaper daily. Along with learning English it will also boost your knowledge and current affairs. When listening or reading a story, book or conversation, take a pause and create a summary of that story, book or conversation. This will let you know how actively you have listened.