Effect of Over Committing Deadlines on Dissertation

Effect of Over Committing Deadlines on Dissertation


Are you a person who over commits the deadlines of his work? What? Are you that person? Oh No. Okay, fine, don’t worry if you are a person who procrastinates the deadlines, then this guide is for you. In this article, I will be discussing how over committing yourself can ruin your dissertation. A dissertation is a crucial element in the road to your master’s and PhD. You need to be on time while writing your thesis if you want to obtain your degree on time.

A dissertation is the piece of writing which students submit as part of their higher studies. Perhaps, it will prove to be the most important document of your life. Your success and promotion are dependent on this document. Hence, over committing the deadlines of this crucial document can ruin your dissertation.

Did you notice, I am using the word over committing again and again. Let’s define this term first. If you can grab the concept of this word, then the rest of the work will be easy.

Over committing is the art of making excessive commitments with yourself. You know your capabilities and strengths. Despite knowing all this, you over commit the deadlines due to procrastination. Over committing keeps us away from getting what we want. A student, no doubt, wants to earn his degree on time. But when he over commits the deadlines of his thesis by false believing in himself. He will end up with nothing at the end.

Why Do We Over Commit?

Not clever enough. Not powerful enough. Not confident enough. When we’re overcommitted and worn out, we start telling ourselves things like these. But the issue isn’t that we’re lazy. It’s the opposite. We deliberately put things off the track when we can finish them on time. We often overcommit when we don’t get what we want out of life. When things don’t go in our way, we overcommit.

Let’s explain it with the help of an example. For your final PhD dissertation, you are required to submit a preference list for your supervisor from the faculty members. Now, due to some reason, you don’t get your desired supervisor for your dissertation. Now, what? You will start overcommitting the deadlines and ruin your thesis. Instead of overcommitting, you should start working with the new supervisor and make the most out of it.

How Not to Ruin Your Dissertation?

As we discussed above that over committing can ruin your thesis. But the fact is that you don’t want to disintegrate your dissertation. You want to complete it on time. Then you need to follow some strategies that can prevent the ruination of this precious document. These strategies include;

1.      Don’t Overestimate Your Capacity

The main argument in over commitment is you overestimate your capacities. It would be best if you thought before accepting deadlines. Take some time and do some brainstorming about the topic and then decide deadlines. Look for the time slots you have. Being a PhD student and carrying out your research side by side is not an easy task. You have to check on yourself and ask. Do you really have the capacity the do this work on a deadline?

Most of the time, PhD students are married. It would help if you also thought about the commitments you made with your life partner. So, you should decide on deadlines after assessing your capacities.

2.      Make Use of Calendar

Said yes to the deadline? Okay, now you are committed to writing the dissertation. You are concluded with your supervisor on deadlines. Now, put the dates on your calendar straight away. The management of dissertation proposal writing service firm, Align your routine works and research work according to your schedule. You should give proper time to your dissertation if you don’t want to ruin it. You will also make it a habit to check on your progress in light of your calendar dates. If you take care of your deadlines well, it will help you not overcommit the dates. Hence, whenever you get a deadline, it should be on your calendar.

3.      Plan your Tasks

Sit down for 30 minutes and consider the task at hand. Also, think about all the individual actions required to do it. This is your new ‘project.’ When you think over your full project.  You’ll realise how much work you’ll have to do. This solves the problem of thinking of something in one big block and forgetting the specifics. This technique will help you in not underestimating the whole time the dissertation will take.


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4.      Estimate the Duration

Now, estimate the duration of your dissertation based on the list of tasks you have on hand. Allocate a hypothetical time to each part and calculate the total duration of the work. This process should be quick. You don’t need to make it hard for you. Ultimately, it’s a rough guess. This technique will also help you a lot in the reduction of your over commitments to the task.

5.      Set an Internal Deadline

If you are an owner of strong nerves, set internal deadlines. push yourself hard in achieving those deadlines. It is a time tested technique to give yourself a deadline for your own internal joy. According to the dissertation help firm, this internal deadline acts as a time buffer. If you are unable to meet the internal deadline due to some unforeseen events, you will definitely meet the external one. Hence, setting a deadline for yourself will be the first step to overcoming over commitments.

Internal deadlines are, most of the time, less than actual ones. Actually, you are making room for unforeseen delays that can hinder your progress.


In th end, I would say over committing with yourself is not good to start your dissertation. Plan everything beforehand and act accordingly. If you do this, you will see the ruination of your thesis. Hence, in the end, it will also help you in earning good grades or promotions, which is the ultimate goal. After you work on all the steps mentioned above, you are good to go. Be sure you are not on the road to over commitment anymore.