Top 5 Research Categories To Focus For Science Dissertation

Top 5 Research Categories To Focus For Science Dissertation

A research category means a set of methods that student applies to get the accurate collection of material. Writing a science dissertation without a specific method and research is not possible. With in-depth information on research method, students can easily get an interpretation of the theories. Research categories are the systematic and scientific process of data analysis, interpretation, impediment and collection of a special issue. Collecting material for science dissertation is not trouble through deep research and hiring a dissertation help firm. Here, we have enlisted top 5 research categories to focus on science dissertation.

Top 5 Research Categories

Descriptive Research:

In the descriptive research category, the reader presents a complete description of the situation. In this type of research, the author does not require the hypothesis to start his work. If you are applying this category of research for your scientific dissertation, create an analysis from the previous data. In the scientific dissertation, apply this research by applying a case study. In this category, the case study is exceptionally common. For example, you are researching medicine. You have to examine a particular case for completing your topic. Naturalistic observation is also the type of research in which the author conducts deep observation through unobtrusive methods. Naturalistic observations provide advantages and disadvantages to the reader.  The survey is also sub-type of the research. Through the survey and observations, writers collect data.

Co Relational:

Correlation is epidemiological research type. For writing a scientific dissertation, the writer observes subjects and gets authentic outcomes. An observational study is also sub-type of this research category. It depends on social sciences, psychology and statistical sample and observation. This type of research gives “real world” information. After a deep effort and practice, the author collects solid evidence to write in his dissertation. Co relational research is useful to formulate a hypothesis and subsequent experiments. By applying this type of research, you can collect community-level data which is informative for pragmatic clinical trials. This data can be used in clinical practice.

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Experimental category of the research is the top category due to it’s a lot of benefits. It offers data to lab experiments and treats test claims in the scientific method.  Experimental research is different from observational research. In the observational research, the writer collects hypothesis but does not conduct experiments. On the other side, in experimental research writer conducts hypothesis and makes clinical trials to get authentic evidence. Field experiments research is used to test theories and get a solid answer to questions. Field experiments are useful to add credibility in the research process. Experimental filed is also sub-type of the research and provides the empirical procedure to test the hypotheses. Scientist utilizes this method to test previous theories and support the new theories.


Literature review and systematic review are the subtypes of this category. Review means a scholarly paper that gives information about current work after theoretical and methodological research. Although, the review is not new and original work, yet it can be used to test the clinical hypothesis. This type of research is also the part of student life when they have to work on thesis, dissertation and scientific journal. Evaluations, instrumental and exploratory are the main type of research that can be used to identify, select, and appraise the high-quality research evidence. The review presents reliable and solid answers to the questions.  In the systematic review, students analyze to get an exhaustive summary of the previous research questions. This type of research is very effective and can be used in the scientific dissertation.

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Meta-analysis is the most used research category in scientific studies. Meta-analysis offers accurate results of the multiple scientific questions. It offers measurement that is useful for the individual to write their dissertation without any difficulty. Mata-analysis is used to search the literature and selection of the questions. It provides us formulation of the research questions which are based on quality criteria and clinical trials.

General Categories Of Research:

Research category has consisted of basically two types, quantitative and qualitative research.  These two types are common and students can apply to focus on science dissertation.  If we talk about quantitative research category, it involves in the topic description, interpretation, and the solution of the main problem. It also emphasizes on the accumulation of the numerical data. Often students provide the summary of their data in the quantities research. On the other side, qualitative research offers words, sounds, non-numerical, emotions, feelings and unquantifiable elements. In simple words, qualitative research provides information about the nature of the topic and an analysis of the scientific techniques.