Top 5 SWOT Analysis Mistakes Most Students Do

Top 5 SWOT Analysis Mistakes Most Students Do

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is an analysis that helps you to enhance and grow your business. SWOT analysis allows you to gather all your strengths, overcome all your weaknesses, avail opportunities, and defend against the threats. The main and basic task of this analysis is to help the organizer and the organization to develop a new and complete awareness about the factors that are used in making business decisions.

People use SWOT analysis to follow new logical strategies and recommendations to work on their business. An individual and a group both can develop a business according to the SWOT analysis. Anyone will not do the SWOT analysis properly; it will probably misguide and mislead the results and the cost of your time and money. In this article by experts of a dissertation writing service, you will learn about the common issues and top 5 SWOT analysis mistakes most of the students to do.

Making Long Lists:

Long lists are always a means to create problems for the individual or a group of people at different levels. Usually, students list down so many things and this is the most common mistake done by the students. If you don’t have any proper goal or mission to define your scope these kinds of mistakes happen. When you work with any organization you may face critical situations due to the long lists while finding figures about different things. Students can only fix or handle these problems to stick to few points and focus on those sections accordingly.

Misjudgments and Misleading Strengths:

Some of the students do not admit their mistakes. They are never ready to face their fear or guilt. Similarly, every company thinks that its developer or product is perfect, but that’s not true. When you work on SWOT analysis you must focus on strengths. At the start of any project, students are very eager and enthusiastic about starting their work. They overestimate their strength and this leads them to misjudge themselves and their work about the project. Students can only fix this issue cut illogical and unnecessary opinions and focus on their real strengths.

Generalizing Issues and Mistakes:

This is the most common yet serious mistake done by the students in SWOT analysis. When they start their project they generally face few issues and commit few mistakes. They need to fix those problems before presenting them to the people. Or sometimes they do not focus on their mistakes and show the final product. This causes serious problems for them and they can lose people’s trust. To handles, these issues and mistakes students must cause and effects the factors that generally occur while making their project or the product. And also make sure to fix the issues as soon as possible.

Not Working on their Mistakes:

Every student must accept his/her mistake and make sure to fix it up. It’s very difficult to work on SWOT analysis and after completing the work about the goal and project identifying the issues or mistakes in it. They always try to hide their weakness from their supervisors and this creates problems for them. They must not hide their mistakes because later these mistakes can create serious and dangerous problems for them. To handle these kinds of issues they must admit their mistakes and encourage themselves to overcome these problems accordingly.

Not Being Realistic About the Opportunities:

Mostly, students get excited about starting their new projects. They feel so lucky to have new opportunities to work. And in this excitement, they don’t focus on the realities of the opportunities. It’s obvious to get excited about their new project, but went they start working they do not focus on reality-based events and examples. They must know that they have to face challenges and competitors in their new journey. They must be ready to face these challenges without taking stress and tension. They must not lose their focus and stay focused on the SWOT analysis.


Hence it is concluded that the above-mentioned mistakes are done by the students while working in SWOT analysis. Yet there are some other basic and common mistakes those students do while doing a SWOT analysis. These mistakes are: having no clear goal about their project, having the neglecting attitude to take input from others, having very less and narrow focus, not performing analysis for different times, taking SWOT analysis as the basic strategy for all the holistic diagnostics, so on and so forth.