Is Conservatism All About Authority?

The ideology of social and economic forums in which power and authority are delivered to the government and economic orders are known as conservatism. There are many forms of conservatism. If we talk about the opposite of conservatism, then we come to know that its opposite is liberalism. The focus of conservatism is not only on the authority but also on the cultural, economic order and tradition of society. If you are asked to write an academic paper on conservatism, then you can get help from experts in dissertation writing services. Here, we will try to discuss the different forms of conservatism.

First of all, we try to discuss liberal conservatism. According to liberal conservatism, there is a minimal intervention of the government in the economy. One can easily enter in the market without any influence of the government. Anyhow, an individual person can’t take part in other spheres of society. In other words, according to liberal conservatism, one can’t take the law in his hands. The government is responsible to ensure law in a society. Moreover, it is also influenced by different stances of the liberalism. This term is also used as economic liberalism.

Secondly, there comes conservative liberalism. It has different and varying liberal values. It is also considered as a right wing for the liberal movement. If we talk about the history of conservative liberalism, then we come to know that its roots were found in the very beginning of the liberalism. Before the Second World War, most of the countries use this essential form of the conservatism in politics. Thirdly, there comes libertarian conservatism. This essential type of conservatism provides an idea of how the economic system of the UK, Canada and US is attributed with their political systems. According to this form of conservatism, there is no need to provide enough freedom to the personal and economic systems.

Fourthly, there comes an essential form of conservatism which is known as fiscal conservatism. This kind of conservatism provides us with an idea about the philosophies of economic spending and debt of a particular government. According to this form, it is not a true thing for a government to take enough debts and then turn the burden of these debts on the shoulders of the taxpayers. In other words, we can also say that this kind of conservatism is in favour of the people rather than the government.

Fifthly, there comes national and traditional conservatism. According to this essential kind of conservatism, the main concern of a government should be towards its national standards rather than economic and social issues. With the help of it, it is easy for a government to create stability between traditional and social areas. Along with these forms, there are also some other forms of conservatism like cultural and social conservatism, religious conservatism, paternalistic conservatism, and authoritarian conservatism etc. After taking an overview of all of these forms of conservatism, we can conclude that it doesn’t all about authority rather than it covers some other aspects of life like culture, economics and social etc.