Most Popular Online Tools for Fast and Simple Writing

Online tools are really helpful for all the students in writing fast their academic work. It is the best method to save your time. Here are the most popular tools for fast and simple writing.

Noisli (free), from Noisli

It is a most popular online tool for fast and simple writing. Hundreds of students are getting benefits from this popular tool for fast and simple writing. It is a very useful online tool that can develop your writing skills. It is very beneficial to save your time and money. It allows creating your own combination of background noise to help you focus on your points. For example, if you like a combination of “wind and leaves “it will help you to make a combination.  It can provide you with an opportunity to make a combination of your favourite words.

Zen pen (free), from Tim Holman

It is another best and most useful online tool for fast and simple writing.  For example, here is my test document. This is my writing test document. I can include bold and favourite text and I can create a link too. It is a very useful tool that you should use in order to write firstly.  It is a nice writing environment without all the usual distraction of writing in a web browser. In Zen pen, you can do some minimal formatting by highlighting text and clicking a button on the tiny Manu that pops up. If you are writing a blog post, it will provide you with all help. You can save your work in HTML.

RescueTime, (free), from Rescue Time

It is another and most popular online tool for writing fast and simple. All the students are getting help from this useful tool. It is very effective to write your academic work. It can release your stress of writing an academic paper. You should use this online tool in order to save your time and feel stress-free.  You can record all your activities including tracking special websites, and hobbies.  Rescue time is a great app to try out.

Write or Die (free), Dr Horrible

If you spend too much time in front of the screen then Write and Die is for you. It is another best online tool that you should use. It is also very interesting. For example, you stop you writing for a long time, in this case, your screen turns red and it plays a horrible noise. It is a great incentive to start again. There is a definite gamification vibe going on here, with a “leader board “, that is really useful for you. The homepage of this online tool is very amazing. It can record your writing speed as well as counts your words.

Google Docs (free), from Google

As a freelancer, I am using Google Docs a lot. It is very useful in order to save your time. It is one of the most popular tools for fast and simple writing. You can edit your documents in the Google Docs.

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