Virtual Dissertation Groups – How Important Are These?

Virtual Dissertation Groups – How Important Are These?

Virtual dissertations provide accurate and timely audio and video documentation support to students for academic writing. Writing a dissertation is, no doubt a challenging task, and not only takes a lot of time and effort but also causes a lot of anxiety due to the level of hard work and complexity.  Students working on their dissertation writing tasks need to understand that it involves a lot of research, the generation of ideas, compiling and organizing relevant information, and polishing the text to come up with an interesting and acceptable piece of research.

Students need to understand that when they are working on their dissertations, they face issues such as lack of support from those who matter, feelings of disorganization and isolation, as well as, conflict with those in authority, stress, and burnout. At this time, students need some kind of support to buy dissertation online so that they can collaborate with like-minded people, and exchange ideas. Dissertation writing groups help them do this and achieve their goals most effectively, but due to COVID19 and the need to remain socially distant, virtual dissertation groups are the best solutions.

The main task of virtual dissertation writing groups is to help students navigate the research and writing process without running into obstacles and complete their assignments on time, without failure. These groups connect students from many parts of the world so that they can meet each other virtually and provide feedback on dissertation work with a minimal time commitment.

Dissertation writing groups usually consist of 4 or 5 members of similar disciplines and stages who can give regular mutual feedback on the research and writing process. The chapter drafts are sent to all the members in advance so that they can go through them before the meeting. A facilitator will coordinate meetings and discussions, and the members will give the writer written feedback in the agreed mode; it can be through a separate response sheet, via e‐mail, or through oral comments in the meeting. At the end of a successful meeting, the writer will have research leads, different types of questions to answer, and, most important, inspiration to go on and do a better job.

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Universities across the US have various types of virtual dissertation writing groups as they have become very important for students’ progress and academic development, especially for writing good dissertations. These groups bring together students from a variety of disciplines and provide them with a space for community, critical, interdisciplinary work, and accountability. The group members meet regularly throughout the academic year, and this regular meeting and consulting offer a great opportunity for students who want to share their work and receive commentary and critique from their peers.

The main idea behind these peer dissertation groups is self-organization and better results. The members have to agree on when, where, and how often they will meet, as well as, the other formats that will be followed at every meeting. What makes these virtual dissertation groups so important is the regular meetup and feedback that helps students improve their research and writing skills and the support they get for doing well in their academic tasks. Students can look forward to support and motivation from peers and other likeminded people; as they are going through the same process.

They can understand, vent, boost, encourage, sympathize and crack the whip, and such support is very valuable for avoiding isolation that often comes with the dissertation writing process. With the right encouragement, students can remain focused on their tasks to meet the deadlines; positive group pressure plays a very significant role here, and they are accountable for their progress goals and try to avoid procrastination. As they get continuous feedback, students can look forward to clear, specific, non-judgmental feedback on their works. It both enhances their performance and also leads to self-development, which is very important for their academic performance.

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The best thing about virtual dissertation groups is constructive criticism. As it is coming from people who are just like them, it does not hurt students even when they hear things like it is not good, you can do better, and the mistakes are pointed out to them. As they are already down with too many things, getting their mistakes pointed out helps them spot the issues, and this is the best way to get some valuable feedback and make their dissertation better before it is presented for evaluation. With a responsible and efficient virtual dissertation group, students can look forward to interacting with people from their fields even when they are far away from them and gaining confidence in giving their best effort to achieve success and produce original, productive dissertations.