Is Stress Really Harmful?

Yes, stress is really harmful to a person. The way of the response of your body to a specific demand is known as stress. This stress can be occurred due to the positive as well as negative experiences. Due to chronic stress, there is a possibility that the natural defence of a person will be damaged. Some physical symptoms of the stress are dizziness, grinding the teeth, problems in the sleeping disorder and weight gain or loss. One can easily release stress from his mind by adopting a positive attitude. Some harms of stress are explained below;

  • Stress changes gene expressions

According to research, a chemical is produced due to stress. This chemical can change your genes. As a result, you can experience lots of changes in your body like it can affect your immune system, it can develop cancer and it can also store fat into your body.

  • Early life events determine your set point for stress

According to research, the CRH of a person is set during early life events. CRH can control the releasing of the corticotrophin protein. It also acts just like gas on your adrenals. Therefore, due to the stress, CRH of a person is also affected. As a result, your stress level will be high or low.

  • Stress causes brain damage

If you are facing a high level of stress, it can also affect some critical parts of a brain. Mostly, it is found that hippocampus part of a brain is damaged due to the stress. This part of the brain is responsible for memory. Therefore, we can also say that the memory of a person can also be affected due to stress.

  • Stress shuts down the immune system

Due to stress, the immune system of a person is also affected. As a result, it can increase inflammation in a person. This can become a cause of slowing down the healing process of the wounds, it can also increase the susceptibility to the infections and it can also act as an immune modulator.

  • It can also damage the energy powerhouse of the body

It is a fact that there are energy factories in our body which are producing ATP for the proper functioning of the cells and organs in our body. The stress can also affect these energy factories and as a result, our cells and organs are not able to get proper ATP for the proper functioning.

  • Stress can also reduce the ability of a person to metabolize

There are some enzymes in our body that are responsible for the breakage of the fats. According to recent studies, it is found that these enzymes are also affected due to stress. Stress can also increase the toxic burden of a person. Due to the high topic burden, people try to eat fatty and sugary foods.

The sex hormones of a person are also affected due to stress. It is also found that stress is also harmful to the bones and muscles of a person.