What Are Some Key Points That You Should Keep In Mind While Writing an Introduction Chapter for Your PhD Thesis

A research writer must state his topic and understanding of the topic describe clearly that a reader finds easy to understand and avoid miss-interpretation of concepts. The expectations from a PhD research writer are high because research conducting and writing is not a new thing for him. On the other hand, a PhD research writer finds it new to write a doctoral thesis as it has quite different requirements than all past research projects. He/she knows that he/she has to avoid plagiarism and for this purpose, there is need to follow proper citation and referencing style. Along with this knowledge, you might have some confusion in your mind about a few things as how to start doctoral thesis writing, what points need to be different and what degree of difference is required in all chapters of the thesis than a simple graduate dissertation. This article aims to help you in this regards, this piece of writing is going to tell you about the very first chapter of the thesis that is the introduction so you can start working your thesis.The Introduction section of your doctoral thesis requires you add three main elements those are also known as the moves of research;

  1. Develop and define your territory means to introduce the research topic in light of literature
  2. Develop a context and describe the significance of your chosen area of research
  3. Develop research questions and hypothesis to introduce what you are aiming to find through this study

Each move requires following numerous stages that depend on your understanding of the topic and what you want to describe in the introduction chapter. Below list describes the number of stages that you need to go through while writing an introduction to your thesis. For further understanding, you can search for the samples of PhD thesis relevant to your field to get a clear picture of points and stages that this article is talking about. This list of tasks for introduction section of thesis includes almost stages but the numbers of steps vary from the institute and as well differ for the different fields of study. Purpose of thesis also differentiates the content and context of introduction chapter of thesis so before start following these steps re-read the instructions provided by your institute to write your thesis. Following these steps along with the consideration of specific instructions of your institute will help you to get success in clearing this first chapter in the first attempt;

  1. Define the topic of research by using authentic definitions of institutions or theorists
  2. Provide the background of topic in light of literature
  3. Define key terms that you are going to discuss in this chapter and next content of your thesis, along with this defined scope of study as well
  4. Describe the current situation that is the focus of your research in the chosen area of study
  5. Evaluate current situation on the basis of gaps identified by the evaluation of literature
  6. Describe the significance of your research
  7. Define research question or problem statement
  8. State research objectives and aims with an overview of expected outcomes
  9. Develop hypothesis
  10. Outline the sequence of information or chapters in thesis
  11. Describe the methodology